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Spikes Crunchy Dry Food is a delicious chicken based food for hedgehogs of all ages.

Its packed with nutrition and can be served on its own or mixed with other hedgehog foods from the Spikes range. Fed regularly it will encourage visits to your garden all year round. 20g per hedgehog each night. Place in a shallow dish before dusk

Hedgehog Hospital Approved.

Available in 650g & 2Kg sizes.



We have hedge hog houses for sale. They are hand made from treated wood giving a natural home for the hedgehog while standing the test of the weather.



Nature's Own Golden Barley Straw


Only the very best feed quality golden barley straw is used for our bales.
Straw is a source of high fibre whilst also providing insulation from the cold. Place straw outside the hedge hog house and the hedgehogs will take in what they need into the house.


Available in 2Kg & 4Kg sizes.